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Launched in 2012, DogingtonPost.com is the fresh, invigorating and only true online news source for all things dog. With entertainment and celebrity news to the latest in training, canine health, and a steady stream of current pup-related stories, the DogingtonPost.com is quickly becoming the obvious destination for dog lovers’ daily dog fix.

DogingtonPost.com’s mission is to be the internet’s trusted authority on dogs through exceptional writing, cutting-edge reporting and “awww”-inspiring photography.

DogingtonPost.com: The internet newspaper all about dogs.

The team here at Dogington Post:

Harlan Kilstein, Top Dog and Publisher
Brandy Arnold, Content Editor
Brooke Arnold, Feature Writer
Pegi Dahl, Creative Director Emeritus
Ralph, Resident Philosopher

For more information contact DogingtonPost.com at [email protected].

The Dogington Post is proud to do for the dog world what other great online newspapers have done for the dog-eat-dog world. We will show you who's bark is worse than their bite, who is most likely to be leader of the pack and who is the next bitch headed for stardom! A parody, but paws a moment. Along with all the fun, you'll find valuable information, heartfelt inspiration and a community captivated by the love of dogs.

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